Successful Rehabilations



Relinquised to CGRs Mission as a young Puppy, It was a long road to reduce his lack of impulse control and hyper puppy behaviors. After 1 and 1/2 yrs of being with Us his forever partner came from Michigan to add him to her family. NOw working as a Service dog for this teacher and living in Michigan with her family, . 




May 2019 Watch for more exciting news about this beauty coming soon.

Lydia is another rescue in partnership with LCAS. SHe is currently being trained in task work but has not found her forever partner yet. She is a Golden Huskie mix with a lot of energy and love to give. She is going to make someone a very specail fur buddy with her talents.



Lost of a fellow trainer and friend left this little girl in need of additional training for the person she had been promised to . We worked to teach her leash skills, and complete her potty training so she could be placed with with her forever family and now is residing in Michigan enjoying life.  


Kera at over a year old. As a rescue from Lee County Domestic Animal Services on Banner Dr in Fla.

May 2019 Kera and her partner have come to visit , They are with us in one of our in going training classes for refresher work. 

Kera is a partnership with LCAS as a relinquished pet. Kera came to us as an over active, barking, Lab Weimer Mix with no impulse control. After many months of behavior modifcation and training she is currently working as a skilled companion/service dog and doing great. 


Ryder came from a local rescue . We took Ryder in for well over 1 yr and worked his issues and fears


Ryder came from a local rescue and was determined to be to aggressive to rehome. We took Ryder in for well over 1 yr and worked his resource gaurding issues, seperation issues and fears. He now resides in Florida as a very happy healthy fur buddy along with another canine,

Lucy-Home at last


MAY 2019 Lucy found her forever home and all is well. What a great girl we will miss her beautiful smile. 

Lucy is currenlty with GRRSWF and is one of thier rescues from Korea. She is currently undergoing behavior modification as a 2 yr old that came to Us with no training. She is progressing very nicely but not ready to be pair as of yet. Watch for updates on her success. 

Meet CGR

Cgr waiting for his training session quietly laying on the floor



Hydrocephalus, (also know as water on the brain), his futre looked bleak. While being treated for the water on the brain with medication only he suffered a stroke. The stroke left him with a rear leg that was not working correctly, a tongue that hung out to the side of his mouth instead of to the front and tunnel vision. This canine never gave up. He allowed the humans in his life to do just about anything to him. Eager to learn he worked very well with the great number of volunteers that learned to love him.

With the help of a small group of volunteers Cgr began to thrive.



The dedicated group of volunteers put Cgr through the paces of his daily routines to strengthen his tongue so it would move to the front of mouth for easier drinking, puppy push ups to strengthen his rear legs and interactive toys to help enhance his sense of smell to compensate for the limited sight. He began to show signs of great improvement. This has lead to a more enriched life for this wonderful bundle of joy.

At 3 yrs old he is fearless



He was slotted to be euthanized because of his disability. But with the dedication and rehabilitation he now has a chance to share his love with the humans that learned to communicate with him. He is truly amazing. 

We are seeking volunteers to help join our mission. Help is needed in the dailiy routines such as sweeping, mopping, answering phones, walking dogs in the mission, cleaning and bathing. If you are interested in joining our team please Bark back at us. We would love to speak with you.  


CGR assists in our presentations to businesses and schools. We educte about living and thriving with a disability when there is  a great support net around you. 


CGR enjoys long day trips with one of his favorite volunteers. Be on the look out on Tuesdays and you might just run into this dynamic duo spreading joy and sunshine in Lee and Collier County. 


CGR loves to visit with some of his friends on a regular basis.  Bringing smiles to thier faces and if you look close his too.