HelpING those in need

Meet Bernie and Myra


  • Myra lost her human companion and before passing the human asked that she be placed back in service. 
  • Bernie was in need of a Service Dog to assist him.

It was a match made in heaven. So Myra was REHIRED as a service dog in place of being RETIRED.  

CGRs Mission has gifted any additional training to help ensure the success of this team.

Myra and Bernie are doing great together. 

Bernie with Myra now home at last with him.

Bernie with Myra now home at last with him.

Owner trained service dogs working

Additional Information


  • Giving back to the community that supports us through our therapy dog program and Owner trained service dogs. 

Currently we have 9 owner trained Service Dogs in our Service Dog Program. We meet once a month in the community to continue to train and fine tune the canines skill sets. As needed we meet at the facility in North Fort Myers for refreshers on picking up items, retrieving items, bracing and verbal cues. Each team is responsible for at least 4 hours of training with the trainer very month. 

We do this as a group to help support each team as they broaden their horizons towards a more open and flowing life.  Teams must re-certify every two years to ensure that both the handler and the dog are working at top performance levels.